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The Journey Oracle * Adrienne Trafford

  • Auteur : Adrienne Trafford
  • English
  • 46 cards
  • 96 pages booklet
  • 28/01/2011


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The Journey Oracle
Why am I here and what have I done of worth? Find these answers as you explore emotions, fears, hopes, and self-realizations with this 46-card oracle depicting beautiful and strong women representing everyday issues. Improve yourself, day-by-day, as you find answers to doubts in your heart or struggles along your path by allowing the oracle to help you see where you were, where you are now, and where you may be going. As you journey, you will find that though our paths may not look the same, we are all seeking the same truths. But your journey, through these cards, will reflect your personal pathway to those truths. Whether the cards advise you to Stand up, dig your heels in, and fight back or that “Even on the dreariest day, the sun is still there behind the clouds, you will feel the pull of your heart strings as you warm to the beat of a journey meant only for you.


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